This is her story

Devica International Fundraising

My name is Devica and I am 6 years old. I live with my parents and my 5 brothers at a small village called Sauraha, in Nepal. In the morning we go to school, that is a bit away from our home, it takes us 45 minutes walk away. In the afternoon we help our parents with a small paddy field that they have in order to get higher revenues at home. We also have 3 goats and 4 hens which provide us much food, but sometimes it is not enough to meet all our needs. Moreover, after the earthquake which occurred at the beginning of 2016, our house has suffered a lot of damage. However, nevertheless, we receive help from a group of people that make us to live better than we would ever live without them and to whom we have to thank for all efforts they make for us. We are really grateful to them.