This is her story

India International Fundraising

My name is Alisha, I´m 29 years old and I come from India.  I currently work in a shop selling Indian “saris” but to get here I have had to pass through a long way from which fortunately I came out well. When I was eleven I started to work in the silk industry to help my family to get ahead. For four years my working tool was the boiling water, whereby I had to constantly put my hands to feel the silk cocoons and thus check that the fine threads had already softened…. In those days the blisters, burnings and wounds were something usual in my hands. But one fine day, there was a group of people who took care of me and all of my work colleagues… It was an NGO that watched over the welfare and children´s rights and thanks to economical contributions from many people, they had achieved to finance projects which would take us out of those harsh working hours. Now I can only be eternally grateful to these people who offered me better living conditions and of course I am also grateful to all those who made the collection of those economical resources possible: The fundraisers.


Thank you Alisha