This is her story

Paula Zuluaga International Fundraising

Hello! My name is Paula Andrea Zuluaga, I´m 37 years old, I´m married and have two beautiful daughters. I am working for International Fundraising one year and eight months ago.  My story with this Company started almost two years ago. One day I sent my CV and to my surprise they called me a few days following the meeting.  It is worth mentioning that my story in International Fundraising started at the same time as its arrival to my home town, Medellín. When they told me which was the company´s main objective,  all that filled me with happiness and expectations, as I had always wanted to work towards children´s rights and human rights in general. In this company I found a place where I could contribute and help people who need it most, and also, I could live from this, and the truth is that I really do appreciate it,  as in Colombia it is very difficult to find a job opportunity after 30. After nearly 2 years working for this company, the only word that comes to mind is THANK YOU! , thank you  for allowing me to help other people and especially for being able to build a  dignified standard of living beside my daughters and my husband.


Thank you Paula