International Fundraising’s backoffice hub is located in Madrid, Spain. From here we integrally serve the rest of the branches to reach the highest levels of Quality, Productivity, Development and Compliance in all our campaigns. Additionally, we take care of centralizing and controlling all the information, making sure all the Security and Safety protocols are met. The F2F campaigns in Spain are conducted through International Fundraising Spain.


We make Fundraising campaigns especially in the street, shopping centers and events. At the end of 2016 we had achieved to increase our different customers social base to more than 40.000 new donors. We are currently developing our activity in the cities of: Bogotá, Cali, Medellín, Tunja and Pereira


International Fundraising started working in Italy at the end of 2009. Our first customers were Unicef and Unhcr, and further on we collaborated with Save the Children, Action Aid, AIRC, SOS Villaggio dei Bambini and Telethon. We are currently working for Medici senza Frontiere in Sicily. We are very proud of all of our facers who are part or have been taken part in our projects, and it´s because of them, their work and their communication skills that 9000 supportive Italians regularly collaborate with an NGOs, contributing in this way to a society more sensitive to the humanitarian causes of those NGOs we represent.


We have been in Portugal since 2009, developing our door-to-door, Street campaigns and events. We have permanent teams of people in the main cities in Portugal, such as Lisboa, Coimbra, Ilha da Madeira, Setúbal and we make occasional road-trips to all the cities in the country.
We have got more than 83.000 regular donors until 2016, which means that our teams will have been spoken to more than 530.000 people of the causes we represent. We collaborate with organizations such as: UNICEF, Nariz Vermelho, Médicos do Mundo, Aldeias Infantis SOS and International Amnesty.


Throughout our experience in Mexico, we have got more than 60.000 recurrent donors for some of the most prestigious organizations in the world, such as: World Vision, SOS Children´s Villages, Greenpeace or UNICEF, among other ones. We currently have people teams in 15 of the most important cities in Mexico with a team that exceeds 100 facers.


2014 is Our first year of activity in Poland. At the moment we are in the following cities: Breslavia, Lodz, Katowice, Krakow, Poznan.

We work “door-to-door” and we are also doing street marketing. Shortly we will begin to do tests at events


In 2015 we started our activities in Peru, getting regular donors for UNICEF. During this time we have verified that Peru is one of the countries with the highest potential for face-2-face Fundraising in the region. Plans for 2018 are very ambitious, increasing our presence in other cities in the country and doubling the amount of donors achieved in 2017.