Who are we?

Claudia Arango Marín

Claudia Arango Marín

Manager of the team of Medellin and Eje Cafetero

Raquel Mahillo International Fundraising

Raquel Mahillo

Client Services

Dinorah Muñoz Nequiz

Dinorah Muñoz Nequiz


Diana Díaz

Diana Díaz


Moramai Gómez

Moramai Gómez

Coordination, Mexico

Neila Lucero Páez International Fundraising Colombia

Neila Lucero Páez

Backoffice Colombia

Mission, Vision and Values


  • We ensure our customers to achieve and even exceed their own goals
  • We strive for excellence in all we do
  • We improve the capacity and the role of the Third sector endorsed by our experience and knowledge


  • We want a world with a strong and thriving Third Sector in all countries
  • We work consciously to get that the non-profit organizations have the skills, capacity and resources to achieve transformations at an international level


  • Our approach starts from the premise that "nothing is impossible”
  • We love innovation and the enjoyment of working for causes that inspire us
  • The enthusiasm and passion that our team feels for the Third sector is so strong that it is reflected in the results
  • We offer our customers a better quality service at an appropriate price for this sector
  • We operate and promote the highest levels of professional ethical standards
  • We are active in shaping such codes of best practice within the numerous third sector associations
  • We are actively pushing diversity as well as the role of women in this sector, offering flexible working arrangements
  • It should be kept in mind the positive attitude of our employees, with a extremely pleasant working environment which is reflected in the work we do
What do we achieve?

Conseguimos países

We currently have people teams in 15 of the most important cities in Mexico with a team that exceeds 100 facers. Throughout our experience in Mexico, we have got more than 60.000 recurrent donors for some of the most prestigious organizations in the world.
In 2015 we started our activities in Peru, getting regular donors for UNICEF. Plans for 2019 are very ambitious, increasing our presence in other cities in the country and doubling the amount of donors achieved in 2018.
We are now working in Bogotá, Cali, Medellín, Tunja and Pereira. In 2016 we got more than 14.000 new donors for our customers
Our central office is in Spain. We offer support to all the other offices in order to achieve greater quality, productivity, development and trustworthiness.